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Why “Not Guilty” Isn’t the Only Winning Outcome for a Criminal Case


September 29, 2021

What constitutes a winning outcome for a criminal case? In some cases, a win is obtaining a “not guilty” verdict at trial.  In other cases, defeating some, or even most, of the charges can be considered a win.  And still, in other cases, a win is minimizing the impact of the case on the defendant and his or her family.

Below is an outline of a recent case where the client was sentenced in Federal Court (summer of 2021) – this case is a great depiction of how winning a case can look very different based on the circumstances. With over 30 years of criminal defense experience, Mr. Kadish has seen all types of wins in the courtroom however this particular one seemed noteworthy.

The CaseWinning-Outcome-for-a-Criminal-Case

Among other things, the client was charged as a participant in an international drug cartel. These charges are very serious and as a foreign national, the client was facing the possibility of life in a US Federal Penitentiary. When initially arrested and charged, the client was suicidal; he did not believe that his life was worth continuing given the situation that he found himself in.

Our Response

Having been retained only days after the client’s arrest, Mr. Kadish immediately met with him and for nearly an entire day spoke with him about the charges. Mr. Kadish reviewed the legal process with the client and talked to him about the importance of patience and hope in these situations. In colloquial parlance, the client was told that cases such as his are marathons, not sprints.

Over a two (2) year period, Mr. Kadish met and spoke regularly with the client, keeping him advised as to the status of his case, and reassuring him that he was not being forgotten in a foreign jail cell. Our firm understands that the single greatest issue most people have with their criminal attorney is that the attorney does not keep in touch with them or make any effort to keep them informed about their case.

Since the first week we were retained, our firm participated with the client in a variety of hearings. We kept in touch with both the client’s consulate in Washington D.C. and his family (who live abroad). The local circle of people who care about him was constantly kept abreast of developments in the case to the greatest extent possible without violating attorney-client privilege.

The Outcome

Ultimately, the outcome of this client’s criminal case was unprecedented.  As a general rule, Federal Courts are considered much harsher in their sentencing scheme than State Courts. Our team was able to obtain a result in Federal Court that was far superior to what one would expect even in a local state prosecution.

As a direct result of our legal team’s preparation and ultimate presentation to a Federal Judge in open court, this Defendant, who was facing life in prison with the first ten (10) years being a “minimum mandatory”, obtained a sentence of fewer than 3 ½ years with credit given for the time already served; he will be home in months, not years.

His patience and trust in our legal team resulted in a sentence that was almost seventy percent (70%) below his minimum mandatory sentence and less than ½ of his contemplated Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Don’t take chances with your life or that of your loved one. When you think there is no hope, it is time to contact our firm for a free case evaluation and see for yourself why we are the premier criminal defense firm in Maryland. Schedule a consultation today.

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With 30 years of experience and a lengthy track record of success, Craig Kadish has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most highly sought after criminal defense attorneys. Mr. Kadish has practiced criminal law for three decades, winning an array of high-profile cases. He has had the honor of being recognized both locally and nationally for his dedication, diligence, and prowess in representing clients in exacting and innovate ways. He’s known as a leader in his field. His tenure as a criminal defense attorney and law professor has given him invaluable expertise that few other attorneys possess.

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