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Sex crime charges are extraordinarily serious, and a conviction can carry lifelong consequences.

If you’re facing an accusation of this nature, you need an attorney who is fluent in defending sexual assault/offense cases. 

The team at Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC has an unsurpassed level of experience in defending clients against sex offense charges including sexual assault, molestation, internet crimes, child sex crimes, and more. 

Mr. Kadish and his team have handled some of the State’s most high-profile and emotionally charged cases, aggressively defending clients and often achieving acquittals or dismissals of charges.

Sex Crimes Criminal Defense

In addition to criminal penalties, these crimes often carry what are known as  “collateral consequences” — meaning, the individual involved has to register as a sex offender for a term of 15 years, 25 years, or life, depending on the crime. 

These registrations can damage a person’s life through the inability to maintain or obtain employment, live in certain areas, and to travel.

Recognized as one of the nation’s leading criminal defense attorneys, Mr. Kadish has handled hundreds of cases involving sex charges.

Even a mere accusation of this nature — when not handled by an experienced attorney — can lead to personal and professional ruin. It is crucial to involve a dedicated criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Mr. Kadish and his team are leaders in sex offense criminal defense and will work tirelessly to minimize publicity, keep your reputation intact, and explore all possibilities for your defense. 

Known for his exceptional trial skills, Mr. Kadish always seeks dismissal of charges or an acquittal.  He has also been successfully maneuvered favorable plea agreements that avoid or limit a prison term and sex offender registry.


Mr. Kadish has experience in every area of criminal defense, so no matter what charges you’re facing — he and his team have the skill, knowledge, and relationships to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

This is the firm you want on your side when your life, career, family, finances, and reputation are at risk.


Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC is an award-winning criminal defense practice with 30+ years of experience in all areas of criminal law.

If you’re facing legal charges, contact the team immediately. They’re available at all hours to help you navigate the challenging legal process and reach the best possible outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to register on the sex offender registry, if I am convicted of a sexual crime?

It depends. In Maryland, there are 3 tiers of registration; which tier you would fall under is determined by the conviction. For Tier I: 15 years (every 6 months for 15 years), for Tier II: 25 years (every 6 months for 25 years), and Tier III: Lifetime Registration (every 3 months for life).

What happens if I am required to, but fail to register or report as a sex offender?

There are strict penalties including incarceration and/or fines associated with failing to register as a sex offender as part of Maryland Code Ann., Crim. Pro.§ 11-721.

Which tier of registry do sexual offenses fall into?

There are three tiers of registry, ! through III, with III being the most severe. Maryland Code Ann., Crim. Pro.§ 11-701 outlines which offenses fall under the different tiers. 


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