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What to do after an arrest: If you’ve been arrested on any criminal charge, do not speak to or try to explain your situation to police, investigators, family, or friends. The only person you should speak to is your attorney.

It is absolutely crucial that you remain silent until accompanied by an experienced, professional, criminal defense attorney with the knowledge necessary to review your charges and prepare an appropriate defense.

It is legal for law enforcement officers to lie to you, in fact they are trained to do so, in order to obtain information, a confession and/or concent to search your home, phone, vehicle or your person. Mr. Kadish has served as an interrogation trainer and has witnessed many clients inadvertently giving away information and/or permissions that later hurt their case.

Also be aware that when you’re in custody, every single phone call is recorded, so never discuss particulars about your case over the phone — even the smallest of details could impact your case at a later date.

What to Do After An Arrest?

Say nothing, give no consent to search & call your lawyer immediately.

Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC is an award-winning criminal defense practice with 30 years of experience in all areas of criminal law, including particularly complex and challenging cases such as international drug trafficking, child pornography, and alligations of sex crimes (such as rape) and child sexual abuse.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I get arrested?

When you get arrested, the very first thing you should do is call an experienced, aggressive, highly skilled defense attorney. You don't want to call just any lawyer because some lawyers don't do criminal work. Some lawyers do criminal work, some of the time.

We do criminal work all of the time. So call us. Get us on the case immediately. Even if you're only being investigated for a crime and haven't been charged yet there is still time for us to help. Often we can keep you from being charged in the first place. 

What should I say during an interrogation?

During an interrogation, your best play is always to say nothing. It doesn't matter what the police promise you, it doesn't matter what anyone promises you, keep your mouth closed and call your lawyer immediately. We're here to help. 

Am I going to jail?

Whether or not someone goes to jail is going to depend upon a number of factors. What are the charges against you? What's your criminal history like? Is it a high profile case that's going to put pressure on the prosecutor to go against you in a very aggressive fashion? And most importantly, what is your criminal defense attorney like?

Are they experienced? Aggressive? Skillful? We are all those things. So make sure that when your freedom and your life are on the line that you contact us. 

Will my boss find out I've been arrested?

Whether or not an employer finds out about your arrest is oftentimes up to you. However if you have a job that requires a security clearance or you're working with children or you're driving a vehicle, you will oftentimes have to tell your employer. It varies on a case by case basis.

Call me and we can talk about whether or not your employer needs to know about your charges. 

How much does a criminal defense attorney cost?

There really is no set fee for a criminal defense attorney.

The fee is generally based on a number of factors; the criminal history of the defendant, the nature and the extent of the charges which you're facing,  the skill level of the attorney doing the defense work, their experience their expertise, as well as the high or low profile nature of the case (Is it in all the newspapers? Is it on television? Or is it a case that's flying under the radar?).

Anyone that gives you quote for a fee over the telephone is probably not the right lawyer for you. So call us! Schedule an appointment. We'll give you a FREE consultation and then we'll set a fair fee based upon all of those factors and what fits in your budget.


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