Baltimore Weapons Offenses Lawyer

Merely possessing a weapon when you are charged with another crime can add years to a prison sentence. The Law Offices of Craig M. Kadish can aggressively challenge these tacked-on charges or stand-alone charges of illegally possessing a gun.

For over 20 years, criminal defense lawyer Craig Kadish has represented clients in the Greater Baltimore area, western Maryland and statewide. Contact us immediately if you are facing felony prosecution for weapons offenses.

Maryland Gun Charge Attorney

Many gun charges are felony offenses, meaning prison time is likely for a conviction. We have handled every type of firearms case:

  • Felon in possession
  • Assault rifle or other banned weapon
  • Gun trafficking
  • Unregistered firearm/stolen gun
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm
  • Concealed weapon

Mr. Kadish has favorably resolved many weapon offense cases, beating the allegations or negotiating to lesser charges.

Enhancements: Weapons in Connection with Other Crimes

In addition to guns and knives, almost anything can be charged as a “deadly weapon.” We have defended clients charged with felony assault for wielding an ashtray, a 12-inch souvenir baseball bat and even a vehicle.

There may be mandatory minimum prison sentences for the weapons charges on top of the sentence for the underlying crime. The Law Offices of Craig M. Kadish vigorously fights to have enhancements dismissed.

You only have one chance to avoid the harshest consequences of a weapons offense. Contact a skilled and aggressive trial lawyer whose intervention can make a difference. You can reach us day or night at 410-837-0020 or contact us online for a free consultation.