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Your case is important to us — we understand what’s at stake for you. Craig M. Kadish and Associates, LLC have defended alleged murderers, drug lords and career criminals facing decades behind bars, as well as the average citizen who has never been in handcuffs before now.

No matter what the charges, it is never a good idea to wait. Contact our criminal defense lawyers immediately so that we can investigate and intervene on your behalf to make the charges go away or shield you from the worst consequences. With offices in Baltimore and The Eastern Shore of Maryland, we offer effective misdemeanor defense and felony defense to clients in Greater Baltimore, Western Maryland, The Eastern Shore of Maryland and throughout the state.

  • Drug Crimes— Craig M. Kadish and Associates, LLC represent clients facing major felony charges such as drug trafficking, manufacturing, importation, and the following:
  • DUI/DWI— Whether this is your first arrest for drunk driving, a felony fourth offense or you injured or killed someone, we can fight this.
  • Driving After Suspension — Serious jail time is at stake if you were caught driving on a suspended or revoked license. We handle all major traffic crimes.
  • Assault — A bar fight or any physical confrontation can result in serious jail time or even felony charges.
  • Child Abuse — We have defended parents and people who work with children against charges of physical and sexual abuse, neglect and endangerment.
  • Domestic Violence — We counter the assault charges and fight the restraining order or secondary criminal charges of harassment.
  • Murder/Manslaughter — We have provided defense in numerous homicide or negligent death cases, including capital murder.
  • Sex Offenses — From rape allegations to sex crimes involving teens or children, we vigorously fight the charges and keep your profile as low as possible.
  • Weapons Offenses — We have experience in gun crimes (illegal possession) cases, wear/carry transport, and enhancements of other felony charges for carrying or using a deadly weapon.
  • Theft Offenses — A theft conviction can affect employment, immigration status and more. We handle everything from shoplifting to felony theft cases.
  • Burglary/Robbery — Even if you were retrieving property that belonged to you, you may still be charged with a crime.
  • Fraud and White Collar Crime — We have handled state and federal charges of embezzlement, insurance fraud, identity theft and other financial crimes.
  • Federal Criminal Defense — The U.S. government has tremendous resources to build its case. You need a skilled trial lawyer with extensive federal court experience to give you a fighting chance.
  • Probation/Parole Violations — We work proactively with your probation agent and the court to avoid imposition of the original jail sentence.

College and University Students — If you are arrested for a crime while attending college, your current enrollment, future job prospects and freedom are in serious jeopardy. We have represented students at colleges and universities throughout Maryland.

Notable Cases — See examples of how Craig M. Kadish and Associates, LLC skill, creativity and determination has produced remarkable outcomes in some of the biggest and most highly public cases in recent Maryland history.

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