Craig M. Kadish, Attorney at Law

Experienced Criminal Defense in Maryland

Through a steady stream of word-of-mouth referrals, trial lawyer Craig Kadish has earned a reputation among clients and peers for complex and high-profile criminal cases, including state and federal charges. Mr. Kadish is a thorough and dedicated attorney who gives his full attention to every client. He has practiced in criminal defense for over 20 years, representing a broad range of clients in the Greater Baltimore area and throughout the state of Maryland on all felony and misdemeanor charges.

Mr. Kadish comes from a family of attorneys. He earned his law degree in 1990 from the University of Maryland School of Law, and has an undergraduate degree from George Washington University.

He has handled many significant and highly publicized cases, including clients accused of capital murder, drug trafficking and manufacturing, large-scale corporate theft, egregious child abuse and sex crimes. Despite his experience in high profile cases, he is accessible to college students housewives, working people — indeed anyone charged with theft, drugs or assault. The average citizen arrested for drunk driving or any criminal offense deserves the finest in legal representation.

Mr. Kadish has been an instructor in both constitutional law and criminal trial practice and procedure. He has also been selected as one of the top attorneys in Maryland in the area of criminal law by his peers,  is rated a Super Lawyer by Baltimore Magazine and has been nominated and elected to the Top 100 Criminal Trial Attorneys.

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Craig M. Kadish, Esq.