Rape charges dropped against U.S. Senate candidate+

A candidate for the U.S. Senate from Maryland was arrested in July 2006 on charges of spousal rape, domestic assault, and false imprisonment. Defense lawyer Craig Kadish aggressively countered the shocking allegations of his client’s 19-year-old wife, who had married him in Latvia just a year earlier.

Mr. Kadish immediately employed one of the State’s finest private investigators who went with Mr. Kadish and the police to the scene of the alleged crime, and through a series of demonstrations, proved to the police investigators that the allegations made by the candidate’s wife could not have taken place as described by her.

In August 2006, Baltimore County prosecutors dropped all charges as a result of pretrial meetings with Mr. Kadish wherein he presented the extensive evidence which he and the investigator had obtained proving his client’s innocence. Although the candidate was exonerated, the damage was done to the man’s Senate bid — he did not survive the Democratic primary a month later.