Top Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers

Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC frequently receives referrals from other attorneys and former clients, or when a criminal case is especially complex. Our firm has served as lead defense counsel in many prominent state and federal prosecutions as well as some of the most highly publicized cases against individuals in recent Maryland history. Whether you are facing major felony charges or a misdemeanor offense, here are some examples of how a skilled Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC criminal defense attorney made a difference in the outcome of the case.
Carroll County Man Beats Mandatory 5 YEARS on Gun Charge

In 2018, a Carroll County man with a prior felony conviction, who was arrested after his home was raided pursuant to a Circuit Court Search Warrant, found himself facing a minimum mandatory sentence of FIVE Read More

Rape at the beach – NOT GUILTY

In 2012 a young man on vacation in Ocean City was charged with rape, sexual offenses and assault – after three days of trial before a jury, he is found not guilty on all charges. … Read More

Charges thrown out in narcotics case

Client was facing 40+ years of incarceration with no possibility of parole on various narcotic offenses in addition to 5 years incarceration with no possibility of parole on each of two counts of felony possession Read More

Murder charges dismissed

A Harford County couple was charged with the starvation murder in the 2005 death of their adopted son. They had adopted four siblings from Russia. One was a 4 year old who weighed approximately 39 … Read More

Rape charges dropped against U.S. Senate candidate

A candidate for the U.S. Senate from Maryland was arrested in July 2006 on charges of spousal rape,domestic assault, and false imprisonment. Defense lawyer Craig Kadish aggressively countered the shocking allegations of his client’s … Read More

Johns Hopkins physician cleared of manslaughter charges after DUI Canadian truck driver

 The public outrage was palpable after a physician from Johns Hopkins University drove head-on into another car, resulting in the death of a 22-year-old woman. The physician had driven the wrong way on I-83 for … Read More

Canadian truck driver charged with international drug smuggling

 In the winter of 2008, a Canadian truck driver was charged with international drug smuggling when authorities discovered in excess of (110,000) doses of MDMA, (ecstasy) as well as a large quantity of marijuana hidden … Read More