"Drug Offenses in Maryland are Serious Matters"

“Drug offenses in Maryland are serious matters.Drug offenses in Maryland can consist of many different things : it can be illegal drugs that you or a love one can be found with, or it can be prescription drugs that are either packaged improperly, or that are not the drugs prescribed to the individual who is in possession. Possession is exercising what’s known as dominion in control over the substance which is deemed to be marijuana ,cocaine, pills that don’t belong to you, MDMA,LSD, any number of substances. Legal or illegal, it shouldn’t be within your dominion of control. Another charge in Maryland, this being a serious of felony charges, is possession of intent to distribute drugs or actual distribution of the drugs. It’s important to keep in mind that possession with intent to distribute doesn’t necessary mean that you have the intent to distribute it, it simply means that it is reasonable  under all of the circumstances to believe that the quantity that you possess was not for personal use, but is possessed with the intent to distribute it given quantity, if there was money found in close proximity of the drugs, if you have huge amounts for packaging laying or otherwise distributing the drugs. Keep in mind that distribution of the drugs is not necessarily the problem. Distribution is taking the substance that you aren’t suppose to have and selling it, transferring it, or giving away. Therefore, the simple act of taking a marijuana cigarette, smoking it and handing it to a friend, is technically felony distribution in Maryland. At Kadish, Forster & Fastovsky we represent individuals who are charged in many different types of drug crimes. Our attorneys have successfully defended individuals both at the district court, circuit court and federal levels.”