Murder charges dismissed

A Harford County couple was charged with the starvation murder in the 2005 death of their adopted son. They had adopted four siblings from Russia. One was a 4 year old who weighed approximately 39 pounds when he arrived in the United States for his adoption. At the time of his death at the age of 8, he was alleged to have weighed approximately 37 pounds. He had not been seen by a doctor in over three years. The prosecution alleged a pattern of horrific abuse, deprivation and medical neglect, supported by testimony of some of his siblings.

Craig Kadish represented the father in the three-year-long case. He argued that the boy suffered from Reactive Attachment Disorder from the neglect he suffered as a baby in the Russian orphanage, which caused substantial behavior problems and stunted his internal organs and physical growth. Mr. Kadish arranged for the world’s preeminent forensic pathologist from the John Hopkins School of Medicine. Furthermore many other witnesses were prepared pretrial to testify on behalf of both father and mother that the alleged abuse was an earnest, if misguided, attempt by the couple to control the boy’s wild behavior. In 2008, after trial had begun, the father chose to plead guilty to a lesser offense of child abuse resulting in death, in exchange for dismissal of the murder charges.