I cannot speak highly enough. I was being framed and questioned for very serious allegations. The attention I received from Craig Kadish was urgent and personalized, there was never a generic option of what to do, every step was expertly handled with care beyond what you would expect even from a skilled and seasoned tenured law professor. This was the first case I faced where I was actually innocent, so that was wierd, but things still very much did not look good. I would have been a very easy scapegoat for the police dept without the giant crushing shoes of Craig Kadish smashing everything they brought. Like crushing peas with a bulldozer, or like having a giant on your side. Craig and Miranda were also always available during this ordeal and kept me informed every step of the way. I can not imagine going through this with anyone else. If you are looking for a good lawyer there are a few around, if you are looking for the very best, hire Craig Kadish.

Posted by Nathan

The A Team. Craig failed at nothing. My case went exactly as he had said it would from the very beginning. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. His team excelled in all my expectations, and left no stone unturned. I highly recommend this firm.

Posted by Ryan

Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland. If you meet with Craig, you will know immediately why I say he is excellent in criminal defense. His vast experience and knowledge of the system, processes and people gives him an advantage over his peers. He is honest and up front and his law firm is there 24/7. I was charged with 2 misdemeanors and 1 felony. At the preliminary hearing he laid out the case for the felony to be dismissed and it was dismissed. His strategy to defend my case was professional and well thought out. Thank You Craig!!

Posted by William

Let me start by saying Craig and his team are The Best Criminal Lawyers In Maryland!! Just recently I was faced with Multiple Assault charges that stemmed from me trying to protect my family and property. Several Culrpits had trespassed my property and maliciously destroyed it. Out of fear and ignorance I confronted them and held them until the police I called had arrived. Long story short, I was the one that was locked up and charged with multiple counts of assault and a slew of other charges. Once I realized the amount of time in jail I could potentially be facing, I couldn't tell you how scared I was, I called many other lawyers to scout for my best option but almost lost hope in their inability to save me, until I stumbled on Craigs Team! From the start Craig consoled me even on his day off with his family for over an hour! He explained clearly and effectively what I was facing and the steps I needed to take! He put me at ease, even though I was a nervous wreck, he made me feel I had a friend in all this. Upon meeting Mr. Kadish and his team, they were very understanding of my fears, related to my problems and believed in my innocence! The entire firm showed Poise, professionalism, and class. Along with Craig, Keith and Miranda worked tirelessly to answer any questions I had, filed necessary paperwork in a timely manner! Keith went above and beyond in my case, talking repeatedly with states attorney and the court system! His meticulous attention to detail, excellent work ethics and responsiveness to questions I had put me at ease! Upon arriving to Court, Both Craig and Keith were there to support me every step of the way! Craig Kadish's Courtroom presence was Something to Marvel! Watching other cases before mine, the attorneys for other defendants stumbled, mumbled and scrambled upset the Judge so much! When Craig stepped up to speak, he was calm, stated facts, spoke clearly and demanded attention from everyone in the room! His poise, elegantly spoken words summoned respect from judges, states attorney alike! With my charges I was facing a state minimum of 5 years in prison without parole, AMAZINGLY Craig Kadish, Keith Ferrier and the rest of the Kadish team helped me out of this with just a 1 year Suspended case and 1 year Probation With a few hours of community service! In one year time, I can put this behind me and there won't be any record of it! I can not thank him and his team enough! He saved my life! If you are reading this and are facing a serious criminal offense, please please do yourself a favor and HIRE Craig Kadish! Craig Kadish and Keith Ferrier are worth every penny!!!

Posted by Vinh

Exceptional Criminal defense attorney! Craig Kadish saved me. Mr. Kadish is an extraordinary and powerful criminal defense attorney dedicated to the precept innocent until proven guilty. I was on the brink of a breakdown and had no idea how I was going to handle my situation and case. Craig Kadish pulled off magic in the court room. He is an experienced, dedicated and trustworthy criminal defense attorney and the best at complex cases. Apparently less than 1% of cases like mine get similar rulings and I feel lucky to have found Craig. Mr. Kadish’s command of the law was obvious from our initial consultation. He is tenacious and worked to develop a flawless approach to my case. Craig Kadish is the best criminal defense attorney in Baltimore and is a must if you are facing serious charges. You will not find a more experienced defense attorney in the state.

Posted by Client

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