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Not every lawyer can truly fight a DUI. At The Law Offices of Craig M. Kadish, we don’t aim to merely soften the penalties — our goal is to avoid a conviction and its far-reaching consequences.

If you were arrested on drunk driving charges, contact us immediately. Baltimore DUI/DWI defense attorney Craig M. Kadish has helped clients throughout Maryland stay out of jail and keep their driver’s licenses.

Maryland Drunk Driving Defense Charge Attorney

For more than 20 years, the Law Office of Craig M. Kadish has defended individuals charged with drunk driving. Mr. Kadish has represented a wide range of clients, from college students receiving their first DUI charge, to repeat defenders facing DUI charges for the second or subsequent time, to commercial drivers whose livelihood depends on successfully overcoming DUI charges.

Mr. Kadish is a seasoned courtroom lawyer who has obtained dismissals and jury acquittals by attacking the evidence. Was there probable cause for the traffic stop? Did the officer conduct field sobriety tests improperly? Is the Breathalyzer reliable? Was the blood, breath or urine sample compromised? Find out: call Mr. Kadish immediately.

Notable DUI defense case: Mr. Kadish represented a Johns Hopkins doctor who drove the wrong way on the interstate and killed a young woman. Although the client was intoxicated well beyond .08 and had a previous DUI, Mr. Kadish avoided the felony conviction. (See Notable Cases.)

First-Offense DUI: Fighting to Avoid the Worst

For a first-offense DUI, jail is unlikely except in the following situations:

  • If the driver has very high intoxication
  • If a child was in the car
  • If an injury accident occurred

Nonetheless, a conviction may mean license suspension, a misdemeanor record, fines, assessment for alcohol addiction and sharply higher auto insurance rates. Mr. Kadish can often negotiate probation before judgment, which keeps the conviction off your record if you stay clean for a specified period.

Repeat DUI

For a repeat DUI, mandatory jail or prison and lengthy license revocation may apply. The fines and penalties go up for each subsequent DUI conviction. The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) can also demand an ignition interlock for repeat offenders or offenders with a blood-alcohol level of 0.15 or above.

Refusal to Take Breath Test

In the state of Maryland, refusal to submit to a breath test once arrested may result in the automatic suspension of an individual’s privilege to drive. There are only a few ways to challenge this automatic revocation. Mr. Kadish has repeatedly and successfully challenged suspensions of individuals’ driving privileges for failure to submit to an alcohol breath test. Contact him to find out how.

MVA License Hearings: You Have 10 Days to Act

Suspension or revocation of your Maryland driver’s license is a separate proceeding. You can win your criminal court case and still lose your Motor Vehicle Administration hearing, and vice versa. Craig Kadish will fight to keep your license, get it back sooner or obtain a restricted license for you to drive to work. If you request an MVA hearing within 10 days of arrest, you will be able to keep driving until your administrative hearing is resolved.

Fight Maryland DUI Penalties: Contact a Lawyer

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