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Maryland is a waypoint between New York and Florida. It’s home away from home for thousands of college students. It’s a vital seaport, an international travel destination, and a bedroom community for the politics and money of Washington.

All this makes Baltimore and Maryland a hotbed for drug trafficking. Are you caught up in the drug trade and facing serious felony charges? You need a lawyer who understands where you fit in and how to handle your case. Every decision from this point on is critical. Contact a Baltimore drug crime attorney immediately.

Maryland Drug Trafficking and Distribution Attorney

Baltimore criminal defense attorney Craig M. Kadish has represented hundreds of people facing major drug charges and related offenses, in state and federal courts of Maryland and nearby states:

Criminal defense attorney Craig M. Kadish was called upon in one of the largest indoor drug manufacturing cases in Maryland, as well as the largest drug conspiracy case in Carroll County history. He favorably resolved the international smuggling and conspiracy case of a Canadian truck driver facing years in prison after authorities found large quantities of drugs stashed in the walls of his semi.

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While we have built our reputation defending clients against serious drug charges, our firm also handles simple drug possession cases. College students have their entire lives to look forward to; however, even a drug possession case can adversely affect their future. Mr. Kadish can make a real difference in their lives in most cases, by seeing that they do not leave the courthouse with a conviction.

Asset Forfeiture

The government can seize property connected with drug transactions or purchased with drug money — cash, bank accounts, cars, homes, boats. We are familiar with the time limits and specific procedures to challenge these civil actions. In many manufacturing and distribution cases, Mr. Kadish has recovered vast sums of assets seized by authorities.

Attacking the Prosecution’s Case

We do not accept the government’s facts at face value. We go beyond the police report, sending investigators to the scene of the alleged transaction or demanding to view the actual evidence. We are aggressive at every phase — from pre-indictment intervention and suppression motions to plea negotiations and trial — to avoid conviction or limit the consequences.

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