Baltimore Driving after Suspended License Lawyers

The penalties for driving when your license is suspended can be even harsher than the DUI that took away your driving privileges in the first place. This is a serious, jailable offense that demands a swift and skilled response.

There may be valid defenses to driving after suspension or revocation. Contact Craig Kadish as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Maryland, with offices in Baltimore and Westminster.

Maryland Revoked Drivers’ License

Whether your license was suspended for drunk driving or for other traffic offenses, driving with a suspended license is a misdemeanor crime. On a first offense, the punishment is up to one year in jail. A second DWLS carries up to two years, and a third conviction could result in up to three years in jail.

Craig Kadish is a proven trial lawyer with over 20 years of experience in DUI defense and associated MVA hearings. He has obtained numerous not guilty verdicts in trials for driving after suspension.

Other Traffic Crimes

You should have experienced legal counsel for a major traffic offense such as:

As with DWLS, these offenses can result in jail time, a criminal record, fines and a revoked driver’s license or points against your Maryland license.

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