Baltimore Domestic Violence Attorneys

Defense of Domestic Violence and Assault Charges

A scared or angry victim decides to file a report. A concerned neighbor dials 911. Maybe you called police yourself, but now face domestic violence charges.

An argument that escalates into a physical confrontation quickly becomes a serious criminal matter. When police respond to a domestic disturbance and there are visible injuries, the right person is not always arrested.

The Law Offices of Craig M. Kadish in Baltimore offers an aggressive defense for domestic violence allegations, including spousal abuse, assault charges and restraining order violations. Contact a Baltimore domestic violence lawyer to protect your rights.

Experienced Maryland Spousal Abuse Attorney

In over20 years of practice, criminal defense lawyer Craig Kadish has defended clients in every scenario:

  • Husband and wife
  • Father and son
  • Domestic partners
  • Adult siblings
  • Parent and child

He handled the high-profile case of a U.S. Senate candidate whose wife accused him of spousal rape, assault and kidnapping. (All charges were dismissed.) See our notable cases.

Even in situations in which the victim does not wish to proceed with the charges, the state may elect to go forward and continue the prosecution. Every domestic violence case requires an experienced criminal defense attorney like Mr. Kadish.

It may be necessary to go to trial to avoid serious jail time for an assault conviction. Mr. Kadish is adept at revealing the full story and mitigating factors: self-defense or mutual combat, the victim’s intoxication or mental illness, and often trumped-up charges stemming from a divorce or child custody dispute.

Restraining Orders Are Serious, Too

A temporary restraining order is typically issued upon your release from jail — you can’t return to your home or have any contact with the victim. Later, there is a hearing on whether to continue this protective order. We will fight the permanent order, which prevents you from seeing your kids or trying to reconcile with your partner. Additionally, we can vigorously defend you if you face new criminal charges for stalking, harassment or other violations of the restraining order.

Contact a Maryland Spousal Abuse and Assault Attorney

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