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COVID-19 + Criminal Law: What to Expect in this Troubling Time

At Craig M. Kadish & Associates, we have always been dedicated to helping people and their families navigate the often confusing legal issues confronting them. However, in all of our decades of practice, we have never experienced anything like the current COVID-19 pandemic. It has disrupted school, work, daily life, and the very fabric of our families.

But now imagine your loved one is locked up in a jail, charged with a crime. They’re being exposed to COVID-19 on a daily basis and cannot get away from it. 

We believe that the arrest and detention for suspicion of a crime (which is often a petty one or involving false allegations) should not be a death sentence. Unfortunately, that is a possible outcome if your loved one or friend is incarcerated in the often unsanitary and cramped conditions of a jail with hundreds or thousands of other prisoners.

While Maryland Courts are currently closed to the public, they are opened to attorneys for certain emergency matters. These include: 

  1. Bail Reviews – These are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic because getting our clients out of incarceration just might save their lives. 
  2. Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus – This is a fancy name for a filing that can be made to obtain bail for an inmate awaiting trial who’s been denied bail by a judge previously. Often we are able to get them back home to their families by this filing, done in the Circuit Court in the county (or Baltimore City) where they reside. 
  3. Domestic Violence emergencies – We are still able to file for protection from domestic violence on behalf of our clients or defend you if you’ve been served with these types of papers.
  4. Emergency family law matters – In these situations, the Court must find it is a true emergency before you can get a hearing.

While there are other types of emergencies being entertained, the four (4) listed above are the main circumstances where we can help. If you are in a situation that is not outlined here, please contact us, we will help in any way possible.

Our team is working remotely full-time during this frustrating and dangerous pandemic to help you and your family as best we can.

We are exercising exceptional flexibility with our fees to help the community, so do not hesitate to call us out of fear that you cannot afford one of the premier criminal defense firms in Maryland. We will do everything possible to assist you.

Out of respect for the crisis, all meetings will be remote either by telephone, Facetime or Zoom.  Payments may be made by telephone to a live person, or, in special circumstances, payment may be brought directly to a bank or other financial institution.

We are finding creative ways to serve our clients and the community during this pandemic. 

We are here to help!

Craig M. Kadish & Associates

>> Read the latest update from the Maryland Court of Appeals about restricted operations. 

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