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DUI Defense • Drugs • Assault • Any Criminal Charges

If you are like most of the college students we represent, (a) this is your first arrest ever or (b) the last time you committed a crime your case was handled in juvenile court. You are in adult court now, even if you are still under 21.

You should not handle this on your own. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, and the sooner the better. We will do everything possible to prevent a criminal record or limit the damage of a conviction.

The Law Offices of Craig M. Kadish has represented college and university students attending institutions in the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland, including many clients from out-of-state. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Kadish has helped clients face anything you may have been charged with:

  • Drunk driving (DUI/DWI charges)
  • Drug possession, possession with intent, or distribution
  • Bar fights (assault)
  • Sexual assault or date rape
  • Shoplifting, theft or burglary
  • Malicious destruction of property
  • Any misdemeanor or felony crime

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney

In addition to jail, license suspension and other criminal penalties, you need to be aware of the collateral implications of a guilty plea or conviction:

  • The school may terminate your enrollment
  • Other colleges may refuse to admit you
  • You may lose eligibility for student loans
  • You may be barred from certain careers or professional licenses
  • You must disclose your criminal record on future employment applications

Craig Kadish is a renowned trial lawyer who gives you a fighting chance to keep this from ruining your educational opportunities and your future. Contact us online or Call 410-837-0020 for a free initial consultation.

We represent attendees of schools throughout Maryland, including but not limited to: Towson University, University of Maryland-College Park, UMBC, Loyola, Frostburg State University, McDaniel College, Hood College, St. Mary’s, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, Johns Hopkins, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Carroll Community College, Baltimore City Community College, Community College of Baltimore County, Anne Arundel Community College and Frederick Community College.