Baltimore Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

Maryland prosecutors take child abuse seriously. Sometimes too seriously, like when an innocent action or utterance of a young child leads to serious felony charges. If you were arrested or questioned, you need to act now to save your reputation and your freedom.

The Law Offices of Craig M. Kadish has favorably resolved child abuse cases in the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland. Contact us immediately for a free consultation.

Snow Hill Child Neglect and Endangerment Attorney

We represent parents, relatives, child care workers, teachers, clergy or others who work with children, as well as clients who have no relationship with the alleged victim. Criminal defense lawyer Craig Kadish has handled high-profile cases, including a father accused of heinous abuse in the death of his adopted son. We can respond to any allegations:

  • Physical abuse — spanking, striking or intentional harm
  • Sexual abuse or exploitation
  • Child neglect — malnutrition, abandonment, delayed medical care
  • Child endangerment — drugs, firearms, drunk driving
  • Psychological abuse or cruel punishment
  • Torture, imprisonment or enslavement

The Other Side of the Story

Police, prosecutors and the public jump to conclusions — who wants to call a child a liar? We go the extra mile to unravel the accusations. Did the child volunteer information or was it prompted by investigators? Is this the first allegation? Are there prior false reports by the victim?

Mr. Kadish consults with former social workers and child protection workers who can conduct a professional defense investigation. We obtain the videotaped interview, statements of mandated reporters and other evidence a less experienced attorney may not know to ask for.

Attorney Craig Kadish pours his full energy and over 20 years of experience into your case. He knows you can’t afford the consequences of a conviction for child abuse. Contact us online or Call now at 410-837-0020 for a free initial consultation.