Charges thrown out in narcotics case

Client was facing 40+ years of incarceration with no possibility of parole on various narcotic offenses in addition to 5 years incarceration with no possibility of parole on each of two counts of felony possession of a handgun (10 additional years total). Law enforcement conducted a search of the client’s vehicle and found two loaded handguns (9mm and 22 caliber), 170 ecstasy pills, 140 grams of crack cocaine, 7.8 grams of marijuana, 2.8 grams of powder cocaine, and over $2,000.00 in cash. Along with the guns and drugs were the client’s social security card and birth certificate, all of which were hidden in a secret compartment in the vehicle. Narcotics officers wanted client to cooperate, but client refused. After intense scrutiny and cross-referencing of numerous police reports, records and evidence, Mr. Kadish attacked the legality of the seizure, search and stop of client. Following intense pressure by Mr. Kadish, all charges were thrown out.