In 2012 a young man on vacation in Ocean City was charged with rape, sexual offenses and assault – after three days of trial before a jury, he is found not guilty on all charges.

A young man, in his early 20’s and a star wrestler is asked to coach a wrestling team from his small town in Pennsylvania at a tournament in Ocean City, Maryland.   He shares a room with some of the young men on the wrestling team.  One evening, one of those young men brings two girls back to his room to “hang out.”   One of the girls likes the young coach, and as the couples pair off, he and the young lady he is with became intimate…eventually having intercourse.

Days later, the girl claims that she was drunk and did not know what she was doing when she had sex with this young wrestling coach; she claims she was raped.  The trial team at Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC, knew that this young man was innocent; they knew that his entire life hung on whether or not the jury would see the truth.   Craig M. Kadish, Esquire, demanded copies of the “victim’s” cell phone records.  The Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC trial team then reviewed each and every telephone call on those cell phone records, and discovered that the “victim,” who said she was too drunk to resist the “rape,” was actually texting a girlfriend of hers after the rape supposedly occurred.  Mr. Kadish knew that the “victim’s” claim that she was too drunk to consent to intercourse was inconsistent with the evidence showing that she was conscious enough to text and have a full written conversation with her girlfriend who was attending college in New York.  Mr. Kadish took extensive measures, going so far as having the State of New York compel the New York girlfriend to come to Maryland to testify.  At trial, the girlfriend of the “victim,” who was brought all the way from New York, was forced during intense cross-examination by Mr. Kadish to acknowledge that the supposedly drunk “victim” and she had a full conversation via text, and even admitted that the “victim” conveyed to her the name of the young wrestling coach. After the State presented three days of witness testimony, and after each witness had been expertly cross-examined by Mr. Kadish, the Judge dismissed the entire case, finding the Defendant not guilty of all counts.

This innocent, young wrestling coach was saved from a long period of prison time and the possibility of a lifetime of registering as a sexual offender, thanks to the skill and perseverance of the team of lawyers at Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC.

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